Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Collaboration in the group

In Exhibition one of the biggest part is getting along with your group. Some group do it well and some don't. there is some conflict but that is normal. In OUR group though we sometimes disagree but normally we agree easily. When we have a lot of jobs to do we normally spilt them up with each other.  but I think we do pretty well with collaboration in the group!


  1. Hi Nassa,

    This is Keanu. I agree with your point that one of the biggest part in Exhibition is getting along. Because Exhibition is not an independent project, it is a group project. You have to collaborate and work well to create a good project.

  2. Hi Nathaniel
    This is Josh. I agree with you and Keanu that one of the main parts in Exhibition is working together. I agree with you and also because Exhibition more to make new friends and learn and collaborate, it is a project for everyone.