Thursday, 21 April 2016

SAIS… Grade 6… So Much Learning!

Today, we had a few grade 6’s visit us and share their experiences of the Exhibition they hosted.

We also visited SAIS (Stamford American School) and had an insight into how our Exhibition could look like in the end. The grade 6’s who came in today, also shared a few tips, “what to do’s” and “what not to do.” Those tips are listed below.

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    Try and merge in everyone’s interests together
  • Communicating and collaborating well are key things to look at
  • When people are getting off task, pair them up with somebody who’s on task
  • 4 weeks flies by really fast so make sure everything is done for when it needs to be done
  • For the last few minutes of each lesson take the time to discuss what needs to be done and by when

The learning I took away from the SAIS Exhibition is:

  • Don’t have too many words on the display
  • Don’t rush through the talking, explain it nice and thoroughly
  • Speak with a clear voice
  • Make sure the graphics that you use are relevant and appropriate
  • Graphics should not be too distracting for the audience
  • Organise what you need before- hand so you are ready

I found all this learning really valuable and I feel much more comfortable since I now know more about Exhibition. I can’t wait to see the end results of this exciting unit and I know it will turn out well.


  1. Dear SAC,
    Me and my group had also took away similar things from SAIS and G6. Could you make any connections/similarities to what you are doing? I also think that this learning helped my group's Exhibition process.

    Many thanks,
    Maurice from Cyber Savers

  2. Hi S.A.C'S
    My name is Josh (a student in your class)
    I think my group took away pretty much the same things and I agree that you shouldn't rush to get it over with