Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Work, Work, Work, Work Together

As my group and I have been working through our Exhibition, we have been collaborating really well together as we have not had any major conflicts or disagreements.

We have now completely decided our focus and essential questions for Exhibition and are now really close to the researching phase. I think collaboration is probably all of our strengths because we seem to be really good at it.

Collaboration is a really important skill for Exhibition because we are going to be working together for such a long time. If we stop collaborating well, basically, we won’t achieve anything.

Some of the things my group and I are doing really well while collaborating are:
  1. Giving each member equal amounts of air- time
  2. Helping each other
  3. Having valuable pockets of conflict
  4. Resolving conflict and maintaining peace
  5. Dividing and conquering tasks
  6. Supporting each other

One of the things my group and I can improve on in collaboration is listening to each other and not getting distracted (on computers mainly).

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  1. Hi Tara,

    You have written a really clear post. I like how you are being honest and saying what you think. I like how you are focusing on one topic instead of going off topic. What are you and your group going to do to listen to each other?


  2. Thanks for such a thoughtful post Tara. You have clearly thought carefully about what you wanted to share with our audience about your experience and also given some tips for you reader.

    I also like that you included the credit for the image you found. This is a very important skill and requirement.

    Well done