Monday, 9 May 2016

Our Research

In  our research over the past week we have been looking into a very useful site called PETA kids

This site has really helped us answer one of our essential questions that we were having trouble answering before. We know that PETA kids is reliable because it is an organisation. It rescues animals that are in starvation, captivity, badly hurt, tested on, etc. 

This site told us how animals react when they are harmed which was part of our focus. From the information that PETA kids gave us, I concluded that animals are mainly physically abused, abandoned and killed. I also took away that many animals around the world are being mistreated and are near death because of some humans. A question I have after doing this research is what is the main reason why people are hurting animals?


  1. Thanks Smita for sharing an insight into your research at the moment and linking the websites you have used so readers can take a closer look for themselves.

  2. Researching through PETA would have been interesting and informative. So have you concluded on what mindset creates this inhuman behavior?