Thursday, 5 May 2016

Researching… so much information

During this week, we have been at the peak of our research for Exhibition.

One of the sites I have been looking at is for researching has been PETA Kids which is really helpful.

I know the information PETA Kids has given me has been relevant because it has been based on our topic, reliable because it is an organisation and it helps animals all around  the world and it is readable for us kids because it is made specially to help kids understand and has slightly easier language.

PETA Kids one of the many things I’ve taken away from PETA Kids is all the cases and the rescues of animals. There seem to be so many and it is amazing how some people like Sam Simon, the co-founder of the TV show The Simpsons, was involved in saving a horse named Valediction. 

According to PETA Kids adopting pets is better than buying them from a breeder. A quote they stated on this was “Every time someone buys an animal, another animal in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a loving forever home—it’s heartbreaking!”


  1. Tara, thanks for sharing your research from this week. It is great that you have included some specific things you have learned and linked the sites so that readers and take a further look themselves.

  2. Your research seems interesting Tara and that quote in the end is the true winner - a complete eye opening perspective on adopting a pet rather than getting one from a breeder.