Monday, 16 May 2016

Trip to S.P.C.A

Recently we went on a trip to the SPCA to get their perspective on animal cruelty in Singapore. This trip helped us take our thinking further by talking to the people there and getting more information from them. We got to see the dogs and cats in their separate cages.

From these observations we know that their cages are not to small give them space to walk around a little. We found that the big dogs get much bigger cages compared to the kittens.

The questions that we asked there were:
  1. What are the daily routines of the animals?
  2. How do you treat the animals?
  3. What is the average amount of animals you host per month?
  4. What is the average amount of animals people adopt per year?
  5. What happens to the animals if they don't get adopted within an amount of time?
  6. In such a safe place like Singapore, why do you think is the main reason of people harming animals?

Some answers we got are:
  1. Dogs - Enclosures get cleaned, they get fed, then walked in big spaces, and showered 1 a week. Cats - Their cages get cleaned, and they get fed.
  2. They give their pets a good amount of space, shelter, food, water, walks for exercise, and lots of care.
  3. 300 unwanted or abandoned animals per month.
  4. Around 1000 pets get adopted every year.
  5. They have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and sometimes guinea pigs.
  6. They keep their pets until they're adopted.
  7. The main reasons why people are harming animals is because they think they are higher than their pets, they get frustrated with their pets, they don’t know how to care for them, and because don’t have time.

This was the old SPCA. Now the animals have much more space.


  1. I like how you talked about your experience when you went S.P.C.A. I also feel bad how the animals are treated.I found it interesting that they got space in their cage. I thought they wold not get as much space.

  2. Thanks for sharing the questions that you asked along with the information you learned from these questions. I wonder what conclusions you have drawn for this. Has this made you think about some action that you can take?

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  4. Hi Smita,
    The questions you asked were great questions, which you have been given great answers for your exhibition. Have you already got ideas for action after this trip to S.P.C.A? I felt really bad about the dogs, cats... it should have been really bad to be watching them in real life =( . Keep working hard to get a great project! =) .

  5. Great blog post Smita, it seems like it was a very worthwhile trip. You asked some great questions and got some great answers. It must of been really saddening to see all these animals waiting to be adopted by other people. I feel extremely sorry for those poor animals.

  6. Hello Smita,
    I enjoyed reading about your interview with the S.P.C.A, it is very interesting. I like how you included the answers to the questions that you asked. Nice job!

  7. I'm glad to know that they have more space than they do in the photo you included at the end.

    I think it's very helpful going to see a place, rather than just reading about it as a part of your research. It gives you a firsthand look at the surroundings and connects the emotions, so you feel more passionate about the great work they do. It seems like a very worthwhile trip.