Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Trip to SPCA Nassa

On Monday we went to the SPCA. While there we asked the deputy our interview questions. Here are some of our questions

  • What happens to the animal if it doesn't get adopted?
  • Why do you think people harm animals in Singapore?
  •  How do you treat the animals?
After the interview we got to look around the actual shelter which was a bit sad because there we all those dogs in there waiting for someone. It really made me wonder why people would hurt such loveable animals. While also there we went to the shop and bought badges to wear on the exhibition night.

I think this trip is really valuable because we found out why animal cruelty is happening and we got to see around the actual shelter to find out what happens when an animal gets to the shelter. The top 4 reasons that animal cruelty happens is 

  1. For Money
  2. Neglect
  3. Pleasure
  4. No Time
Because of all these reasons, so many animals suffer. The trip really helped us and the AaAA's get lots of information.


  1. Hi Nassa,

    I think that your group put a lot of time and thought into your questions and just like my group it seems that you felt that the questions are vital.

  2. I think that your group has some very different points from anyone else, which is very special in a good way, I also like the way that you talked strongly about different points about you central idea.

  3. Hi Nathaniel,
    It should have been really sad seeing those dogs in the shelter. The three questions are some really good questions that will get great answers.
    Continue working hard!

  4. This post was really interesting, and I hope your Exhibition went well! I'm really glad that you also felt strongly about your line of Inquiry and actually felt what you were presenting to your audience- I know that some people may not have felt as strongly as you did! Its good to see you caring for those dogs.

  5. Hi Nathaniel,

    I think your group has put good effort into making these questions and going to visit the SPCA. Well Done!

  6. I think that your blog post was very interesting and if I was there I would agreed that it was sad to see those dogs and I also agree that why would anyone want to hurt loveable dogs. Great questions too I'm sure that they helped you a lot.

  7. Dear Nathaniel,
    I really like the questions that you asked and the process you went through. However, have you ever thought of any more reasons why people are cruel to animals? I am pretty sure that there are more reasons.

    Maurice from Team Cyber Savers