Thursday, 2 June 2016

End of exhibition has come

We worked really hard on developing this exhibition and are quite proud of our outcome. We made lots of progress and have learned many new skills.

Our first action is to buy a minimal amount of animals tested products as this will help the animals. Our second action is to encourage others to adopt and help pets in adoption centers. We did this by handing more than 100 brochures to adopt pets, save lives. Our final action we did was to raise awareness as a group.

A challenge our group faced was unreliable websites and research. We dealt with this by cross-checking references. Another challenge our group faced was disagreements about things. We dealt with this by talking it out. Although we faced various challenges we had several accomplishments as well. Some of our accomplishments were being good time managers, getting lots of research done, and communicating with people outside of school.

  • Organise research in grids so it’s easier at later stages
  • Try not to go off-task, try partnering up with someone who doesn't go off-task that easily
  • Link helpful websites that provide a lot of information on your topic so other people can read it too, this can help with seeing different viewpoints  
  • Make sure that the information is RRR (Relevant, Reliable, Reading Level)
  • If there are any inappropriate advertisements, use extensions like clearly and ad blocker        
-Collaboration Tips:
  • If there are any disagreements, try and compromise so it’s a win-win for everyone
  • Divide and conquer, divide tasks among group members so they can be completed quickly
  • Treat each other equally and make sure everyone has an equal amount of jobs
-Communication Tips:
  • Make sure each person has equal amounts of airtime ( equal amounts of time to talk)
  • Try and create a strategy so you can all have equal amounts of airtime, for example, the person with the sticky note is the only person that can talk
  • CARP (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition and Proximity
  • Make sure the board does not have too many words or your whole script
  • Your board is there to support what you’re saying
Some of what took away are to plan ahead and don't wait to the last minute because you could be rushing in the last week. Another thing we took away is to dig deeper to find out as much as possible.

Thank you to all the viewers of our blog and for commenting on our posts!
Also, a big thank you to our mentor, ms Evision and to our teacher ms La Caze!
You all really got us thinking deeper into our topic and it really helped.

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  1. Hi Smita, Tara, Nassa,
    I liked your post because you gave tip e.g boards and group work.
    I like how you added how to fix the problem.
    Maybe next time revise you work for mistakes.