Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Work, Work, Work, Work Together

As my group and I have been working through our Exhibition, we have been collaborating really well together as we have not had any major conflicts or disagreements.

We have now completely decided our focus and essential questions for Exhibition and are now really close to the researching phase. I think collaboration is probably all of our strengths because we seem to be really good at it.

Collaboration is a really important skill for Exhibition because we are going to be working together for such a long time. If we stop collaborating well, basically, we won’t achieve anything.

Some of the things my group and I are doing really well while collaborating are:
  1. Giving each member equal amounts of air- time
  2. Helping each other
  3. Having valuable pockets of conflict
  4. Resolving conflict and maintaining peace
  5. Dividing and conquering tasks
  6. Supporting each other

One of the things my group and I can improve on in collaboration is listening to each other and not getting distracted (on computers mainly).

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Collaboration in the group

In Exhibition one of the biggest part is getting along with your group. Some group do it well and some don't. there is some conflict but that is normal. In OUR group though we sometimes disagree but normally we agree easily. When we have a lot of jobs to do we normally spilt them up with each other.  but I think we do pretty well with collaboration in the group!

Monday, 25 April 2016



During our exhibition work today we needed to collaborate a lot. Overall We have been collaborating well together and making good progress. We had a few differing opinions and ideas for our focus and what specific area we would like to look more into. Our aim was to find an overarching idea that would fit with all our interests in animal cruelty. We collaborated and resolve our minor conflict between the two main ideas we had. We were all good at working together to chose one idea that was in our sphere of influence and would could take action on.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

SAIS… Grade 6… So Much Learning!

Today, we had a few grade 6’s visit us and share their experiences of the Exhibition they hosted.

We also visited SAIS (Stamford American School) and had an insight into how our Exhibition could look like in the end. The grade 6’s who came in today, also shared a few tips, “what to do’s” and “what not to do.” Those tips are listed below.

  • Displaying IMG_2525.JPG
    Try and merge in everyone’s interests together
  • Communicating and collaborating well are key things to look at
  • When people are getting off task, pair them up with somebody who’s on task
  • 4 weeks flies by really fast so make sure everything is done for when it needs to be done
  • For the last few minutes of each lesson take the time to discuss what needs to be done and by when

The learning I took away from the SAIS Exhibition is:

  • Don’t have too many words on the display
  • Don’t rush through the talking, explain it nice and thoroughly
  • Speak with a clear voice
  • Make sure the graphics that you use are relevant and appropriate
  • Graphics should not be too distracting for the audience
  • Organise what you need before- hand so you are ready

I found all this learning really valuable and I feel much more comfortable since I now know more about Exhibition. I can’t wait to see the end results of this exciting unit and I know it will turn out well.

Learning from the experts

When grade 6 came in, my most valuable learning was that in order to achieve success you need to be collaborative and work together. They also said to be responsible and organised with you things. Another important thing was to make sure we live up to the due dates of tasks that are set up by your group, teacher and mentor.

In S.A.I.S I found that I got out the most information from the groups that were creative with their props and equipment. Those groups hooked me in more and they're displays were very eye catching. 

One of the ideas that I thought were good was a quiz at the end. Quizzes show whether your audience was listening or not. Some groups used videos, Either videos they made or relevant videos from the internet.

I learned many things from S.A.I.S and grade 6.